What is TANTRA ?

Tantra is an art and science of life that originates from ancient knowledge in India, Tibet, Egypt, and China. It is a spiritual path that embraces all the aspects of human being including the power of our creative life force that we commonly refer to as sexual energy. The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit words  tanoti ”to expand” and trayati ”liberation”. This implies that you can be liberated by expanding your consciousness.

Another definition of the word Tantra is ”to weave”, interweaving energies of many levels. Tantra is a form of yoga and offers a philosophy, practices of pranayama (control of the breath), asanas (body postures), mudras (positions of the body to influence energy),  mantras (a formula of words or a single word with spiritual significance) to raise your energetic awarness to achieve emotional freedom, sustain health and vitality, create peace and harmony within yourself, and with others.

Tantra is a sacred dance between masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, dark and light, hot and cold, heart and mind. The union of opposites weaving together for a much greater, fulfilling whole. Tantra is a pathway to your true potential. It is an empowering journey of exploration and self-transformation.

Benefits of Tantra

Through Tantra practices you will make yourself, your partner and relationships happy. You will begin to really notice people, to really listen to people, to really see people and you will create blissful relationships.

Tantra heals loneliness and isolation, reconnects and builds trust between people.

Benefits of practicing Tantra yoga effect all aspects of human from healthy body to spiritual growth and transformation. Tantra heals stress, depression, anxiety, codependency and addictions of all kinds. You will rejuvenate your health and tap into the fountain of youth,
Tantra empowers women and men to become more confident, open, loving and  intended for personal fulfillment, interpersonal intimacy, and connection to the world.

Tantra Vision

Tantra vision is the one of wholeness, it embraces opposites, seeing them not as contradictions but as compliments. Tantra accepts everything , regardless of whether it is usually judged as good or bad, is an opportunity for learning.

Through series of questions such as:

  • What does this mean to me?
  • When have I repeated this pattern or behavior in the past ?
  • Why am I tolerating this situation?
  • What opportunities for change are available to me?

You will gain clarity and deeper understanding of life events. Tantra can be practiced by anyone who is attracted to this path, regardless of believes and conditioning of the past. Tantra recognizes that each human being, whether  man or woman, has both
masculine and feminine qualities. What this means is that by discarding our gender stereotypes, we can expand our identities  tremendously, honoring the polarities in ourselves that until now has been largely ignored.

In Tantra, when polarities merge, a new dimension becomes available – the sense of the sacred. This connection lifts your consciousness beyond the physical plane into a field of power and energy that is much greater than your own.

Enlightenment Through Tantra

Spiritual enlightenment is the joyous realization that the ego will always get what it focuses on, and it will never be satisfied enough. When one is spiritually enlightened there is a constant appreciation for life just as it is. Spiritual enlightenment happens when you are in a state of no-mind,
where the mind is so calm and at ease that it seems to disappear…and only the witness remains.

When your mind completely non-attached to everything in it from a place of love,peace and compassion, then and only then you are truly free. The mind is our greatest cause of suffering, and is what allows us to be liberated from. It is the mechanism we need to transcend all “thinking” and discover the natural state of bliss within.

Are you ready to expand your consciousness and access the Divine Source within you? Get ready to open your mind and relax deeper than you have ever relaxed! You are about to discover the spiritual experience and finally find freedom from suffering on Earth.

The Power of Authentic Love

Practicing Tantra leads to the experience of authentic love and emotional integrity. Integrity is the state of being complete, undivided, whole and spiritual. Emotional integrity is having our heart, mind and will unify. When we are in our emotional integrity we can act without hesitation or doubt. There is no second guessing our actions or our words. When we are in our integrity, our mind does not have to tell us that what we are doing is right, the heart and will know and the mind follows without a doubt. Real emotional integrity doesn’t come with a sense of being right, it comes with a feeling of love. When we are acting from our integrity, what we could call our authentic self, we don’t try. We just take action, we are not concerned whether what we are doing is the right thing. We also do not have a need to justify or defend what we are doing to anyone, including ourselves. That is how we know that the action is true. The time to measure the depth of our emotional integrity is when someone is challenged by circumstances not when things are going well, being in your emotional integrity means being present to life as it is. Learn how to create authentic love and emotional integrity. First of all, stop judging! Everything and everybody is divine which means perfect on their own path. Releasing judgment eliminates negativity from your life.
Learn to focus your attention on Love, Bliss, Happiness and completely trust yourself. Stop seeking approval and take your mistakes as opportunities for growth. Whatever you believe, you are absolutely right, (this explains why truth is relative to the perceiver)
Always believe in the Best! Learn the art of gratitude and compassion and never base your happiness on money, people, job or anything outside of you. Negative thoughts cause struggle, pain, depression and illness, be aware all the time and replace them with positive thoughts and language. I am here for you to transform your life in the most exciting and positive way ever.


About Nova

Nova is an Advanced Certified TANTRA Educator.
She began her TANTRA path studying with world renowned
TANTRA teacher Charles Muir at Source school of TANTRA in California.

She is a certified Hatha and Vinyasa (200h.YTT) yoga instructor.

She traveled to Costa Rica and India to deepen her knowledge of Yoga and Meditation.
Also, she studied with Tao Master Mantak Chia in Chiang Mai, Thailand
where she learned to integrate Tantric and Tao principals.

She is a certified Hypnotherapist and a Holistic Health practitioner.
Her unique blend of healing and awakening modalities manifested in DIVINE POWER OF TANTRA.

Her mission is to empower people to expand their awareness and understanding
of spiritual and sensual aspects of TANTRA and guide to the bliss within.

VIP Tantra Session will include…

Here are a few of many topics we may include in our session:

– understanding what Tantra is and how it can be used with benefits in your life

– designed for you Tantric massage

– breathing techniques to calm your mind and connect you to your own power within

– basic understanding of the energy centers in your body and how thoughts and
feelings can affect your physical and emotional health

– meditation techniques that fit your lifestyle

– coaching on conscious communication in a relationship

– discovering ways to empower your life with sensuous energy as a key to liberation

All sessions are individually structured to your interests and needs.


Will include techniques to approach a woman with confidence and ease.You will learn to communicate in a way she really feels understood and appreciated. You will experience empowerment and healing of the past traumas assosiated with opposite sex.


Will be design for unique challenges women may experience and include techniques to help a woman to tap into her own source of power, radiance and sense of sensuality.


If you are starting a new relationship or experiencing problems in your current relationship or if you want to deepen already strong and beautiful connection, Tantra session will serve as an inspiration and support system as well as exiting and educational experience!

What to Expect

In our first session you will be completely coached and nurtured!

You will be given basic Tantric understanding of conscious, sensuous energy and healing through it.

We will explore and activate the power of sound and movement to open new neuropathways to experience greater energy, and bliss throughout your whole being!

We will discuss the topic of your interest and create a plan to achieve the greatest results!

Our first session is a beginning of a new journey and may lead to new thoughts and emotions so when you are opening to learn and practice Tantra, it’s very important that you are pure of mind, and have devotion and understanding of Cosmic Love.

How To Prepare For A Session

The experience will be greatly enhanced if you enter the session with open heart and clear mind. New students should set intentions for impending Tantra session.

Eat lightly before and drink plenty of water after the session.

Please, keep your phone off or on silent mode not to distract the flow of energy.

I offer fifteen minutes free phone consultation to answer your questions and give you the information you need.

Take a breath, enjoy! It might be one of the best investments in your life!

Please, fill out the form below and bring it to our next session, Thank you!


Essential Oils

Smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing are the five senses through which we define many of our experiences.

When we think about essential oils often we associate them with a nice smell. I recently learned that oils carry powerful healing properties. They are truly potent for healing an anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, nerves exhaustion and stress.
They can be used as an aphrodisiac, relaxant and mood stabilizer.

You can use them in a diffuser, as a massage oil and take them internally. I only use the purest, highest quality oils from DoTerra BRAND.

During our session I will create your own custom blend that would compliment other healing modalities.

I found out through research and studies that proper use of high quality essential oils can relieve restlessness, insecurity and variety of sexual and emotional imbalances.

Human body has intelligence and self healing potentials when we unlock and free up the stuck energy. The hypothalamus is the hormone control center in the body and regulates sex drive, energy levels and healthy production of hormones. Tantric massage with a blend of sandalwood, rose,ylang ylang, jasmine and juniper tree oils will be effective in the relaxation and release of hormones for the body to align with its natural healing powers.I created a variety of special blends myself by mixing two or more DoTerra BRAND oils together and very excited to offer this new experience to my regular and new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Tantra path right for me?

People who are drawn to Tantra are ready to explore new levels of conscious living and loving. They want to deepen their relationships and learn to use sexual energy as a source of greater joy, creativity, love, healing and awakening. They take responsibility for creating their own life, rather than being the victim of circumstances, learning to look within for answers and fulfillment, creating a life of bliss!

Do I need to have a partner to practice Tantra?

Tantra can be practiced either by couples or singles. Learning and practicing techniques will allow you to be much further ahead once you choose to embrace a relationship. In addition Tantra helps you to become more charismatic, magnetic and self-confidant that may attract a perfect relationship for you.

I have a chronic pain in my back can practicing Tantra Yoga help?

Our bodies tense themselves around injuries,and rearrange all of the supporting structures to ease the tension on the hurt parts. Release the tension through Tantra Yoga and increase flexibility of the spine, it will help everything in the body run better, and is one of the best ways to provide pain relief.

Is Tantra a religion or a movement within religion?

Tantra is not a religion, it is a spiritual path.
Tantra does not require anyone to follow any dogmas, rather it encourages us to discover through our own experience to connect with all elements surround us, and the spirit that we all share.

Many people incorporate the teachings of Tantra such as love, compassion, acceptance and balance in their own religious and non-religious beliefs.

How can Tantra session help me if my relationship is in trouble?

During a session you will learn to be more conscious and aware about issues in your relationship. Sometimes its just a lack of proper skills and tools to successfully work through them. There are many profound techniques for couples to harmonize their energies as well as communication skills that can turn an argument into a open heart discussion.

How can I introduce my wife to Tantra without her misinterpreting my motives?

A loving partner can gently introduce to the true meaning of Tantra by exposing her to factual information. There are many good books on Tantra. I also offer one-on-one introduction to Tantra where all specific questions can be answered as well as books, seminars and schools recommended.

What does the word NAMASTE mean?

It translates as “The divine in me recognizes and honors the divine in you.” or literally, “I bow to you.” The hands are brought together in prayer position over the heart, and the head bows in greeting.

What does the word Chakra mean?

In Sanskrit Chakra means spinning wheel or disk of energy. The Chakra system has seven colors of the rainbow, it represents the full spectrum of human possibility from earth to heaven. They influence our survival, language,power and sexual programs. If any of these energy flows are blocked it can lead to physical and emotional issues.

Will TANTRA help me to release fears and be more at ease with myself?

The foundation of TANTRA is integrating our Spiritual (energetic) selves with our physical selves. Our Spiritual self is expansive, powerful and alive.
TANTRA teaches consciousness to recognize and weave experience that brings fear and discomfort with experience of the divine that is infinitely wise.

As a result we have less fears, we become stronger feel at ease with ourselves. TANTRA believes that we are meant to experience the divine through this life. It’s not separate from physical( material ) world, it’s every minute of every day and TANTRA brings us to that divine place of bliss and ecstasy.

What is the difference between TANTRA and Western approach to love and intimacy?

Western approach is geared towards goal and performance. Unlike TANTRA where  the energetic connection and deepening of intimacy are emphasized. This allows for new levels of experience within the individual and for deeper Union between couples.


Although my first contact with NovaJade came by chance,I believe that somehow a spiritual force guided that connection to happen.

I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect but it did not take long for NovaJade to graciously put me at ease.After our first session ,I began to understand that many of us over time developed various inhibitions,reinforced in us by society,culture,and our general environment.But through sessions with NovaJade ,I have come to a better sense of self-worth,confidence ,and a greater appreciation for the physical and spiritual energies that we all share.I`ve been fortunate to have met some of those who are the best in the world at what they do. I believe that NovaJade is among the best in the world at what she does.

W.Blake, Real estate developer,Boca Raton,FL 

I knew very little of Tantric experience before meeting with the astonishingly beautiful Nova Jade a few months ago. Since then,she has opened my eyes,indeed my entire being,to new worlds of intimacy,self awareness and healing. I felt immediately comfortable and safe in her very private surroundings,and with each successive encounter,the bond between us has strengthened,as the level of trust and closeness has risen. Nova Jade has turned what began as a simple exploration into a magical,mystical journey,and I feel truly fortunate to feel the exquisite exhilaration she imparts whenever we share time together.

 WW.-New England

“Nova Jade is more than a Tantra teacher, she is the embodiment of Goddess, as beautiful inside as she is outside. Her knowledge, compassion, presence and love come through in her private session. She graduated in the top 2% of her class at the Source School of Tantra Yoga, where she was awarded the certification: “Advanced Certified Tantra Educator. I recommend her to you with confidence.”

Charles Muir, Director of The Source School of Tantra Yoga 

Nova Jade is the most beautiful person I have ever met.

While her physical beauty is overwhelming, her spiritual beauty transcends and is

felt  in every session.She has the ability to make me feel so special.

Her warm, safe environment envelops me into spiritual, emotional, and physical levels

that I have never experienced. She is truly a goddess of beauty and spirit.

Alan S.

Palm Beach 

”My husband and i visited with Nova Jade for a couples tantric massage.

It was a wonderful,sensual experience.Nova Jade made us feel comfortable and as

such the time together flowed very naturally.She is every bit as beautiful as in the pictures on the website,and more importantly a pleasant ,kind and caring individual.

It was an unforgettable experience,and the one we would highly recommend.”


NovaJade`s physical beauty is obvious.But it`s what`s on the inside that`s truly remarkable.Her intellect,heart,soul and ability to create a safe,nurturing place sets her apart.Because of her ,I`ve been able achieve an openness of heart and spirit lost to a series of heartbreaks. For this ,she means everything to me!

Robert S.,Wellington,FL 

Nova Jade is a beautiful modern incarnation of the ancient Dakini (female tantra healer)

She is an exceptionally gifted healer and educator who practices her art with great skill, elegance and grace. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable guide to the tantric seeker.

Howard W Morningstar, MD – Family Physician – Advanced Certified Tantra Educator

Working with Nova Jade enabled me to learn more about myself and gain confidence in my own practice. She is radiant, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled, and beautiful inside and out. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in exploring Tantra.
David E.

It’s been such a pleasure and honor to be learning from Nova. She is a godess who is in high integrity with her teachings and being in her presence has provided me a deeper connection to myself. It’s been a fun and sensuous transformative journey working with Nova, and highly recommend you join her in a journey of movement and discovery.

Mike M.

I’m writing to thank you so much for our beautiful session last night. I walked out feeling as if I was walking on air and I am still vibrating with such positive energy. I feel I am beginning on the path to love myself, to give so much love and finally be open to receive it. You have given me such a gift that I will cherish. Your giving of love and creating a space of no judgement, just pure love energy is such a special donation that I happily receive and will carry with me. I am looking forward to seeing you again to continue to learn from you. I can’t wait until you’re back in the area. Thank you so much.
When I first contacted Nova, I was pretty nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.  At first glance, she is even more beautiful than her photos reveal.  But the best part of her session is that she instantly makes you feel at ease.  Its almost like she was an old friend of mine the way she made me feel comfortable immediately.  And the session itself is like a mini vacation.  She makes the daily stress of life dissappear in an instant.  She is great tantric teacher.  The only complaint I have is that she is not in Boston all of the time!!!!
Jim – Boston

From the moment I have looked into TANTRA as a path to find better ways of using my sexual energy and reach Divine Love, I have been blessed to get to know NOVA! Now, I cannot think of my progress without her involvement.

Nova’s devotion and kindness was noticeable in the first phone call where her soft, calm voice vibrated in the right tone for me.
In person, her beautiful eyes just opens a new universe that smoothly bring you to the most enticing learning experience with the confidence that Nova is there for you with undivided attention to your needs, dedication to share her extensive knowledge and create the best environment that you will ever encounter. With her captivating smile, you know she cares about you, with a loving touch. I’m grateful to be a better person after connecting with Nova.
L.B., West Palm Beach

I met Nova about a year ago, and have seen her many times since. We felt at ease with one another right away, but our connection has deepened over time. When we are together, I inhabit a time and place of our very own, where we are focused just on one another with no baggage and interference from the world outside. We shift seamlessly between giving and receiving, gazing into each other’s eyes and breathing in harmony, passing our energy back and forth in a long and loving Tantric dance. She is one of the most lovely women I have ever met, and her maturity enhances her beauty. She is wise and playful, knowing and intuitive. She brings out in me a deep passion and I feel like a better version of myself when I am with her- wiser, more passionate, but also more calm and in control. I am blessed to have met this amazing woman, and I feel that we were meant to have these times together.
Kevin – Boston, Massachusetts
Good morning Nova,
Thank you so much for such an awesome experience. Not only was the time spent with you sublime, the resulting transformation is profound and immediately apparent. The deep sense of gratitude that I awoke with this morning has endured, and it feels as if all tension that was in my body is gone. Seeing us together was a powerful a very powerful experience for me. Just seeing a mirror now fills me with joy. You are a gifted healer and I am truly grateful to have found you. Thank you so much!
D. Power – Massachusetts

Hi Nova…I just wanted to tell you that the time that I got to spend with you yesterday was AMAZING!!! You are stunningly beautiful, and I can honestly say that I have never been with a woman as physically beautiful as you. I was in complete Awe of how gorgeous you truly are. What really stood out about you Nova is your inner beauty. I could feel your love flowing inside of me while I was in your presence. I can’t Thank You enough for how you made me feel yesterday (You made me feel Perfect)!! My friend who referred me to you was right when she told me “Being in Nova’s presence is like being with the Goddess of Love”. I think that is the best way to describe my experience with you…Thanks Again Nova Jeff

Nova is a truly gifted spiritual teacher and guide. She was able to help me open a sacred door within myself that allowed me to freely express love and tenderness. After my session with her, I felt renewed. I am very grateful to her for her wisdom and guidance.
Robert J – Boston, Massachusetts
I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to meet Nova Jade today! This young beautiful lady is amazing, she is a real Goddess. Gentle with her soft touch that leaves you craving for more. She talks to you with her body! Simply amazing! She makes you forget that you are on planet earth. Thank when you leave the Temple, you can’t stop thinking about the session.
Mark – Weston, Massachusetts

Please inquire about traveling to your city.

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